Becoming a Host is more than just offering a room…it’s making a difference

A Host is a special person who is able to offer a safe, supportive environment in their home on a temporary basis for 1 to 3 nights (this may be extended in some cases with agreement of the Host), providing the young person with sole use of a bedroom, wash facilities, an evening meal and breakfast.

Our support for YOU

  • We will consult with you and take your needs into account when placing a young person in your home
  • We will ask for your availability every two weeks on the nights you are able to host
  • We will deliver a training package which will induct you into volunteering with us and supporting a young person
  • 24 hrs support will be available while a young person is with you

Sometimes all a young person needs is the time and space to find solutions and start to rebuild relationships to enable a return home. There are also times when a return to the family home is not an option and other support and housing services may be needed. The reality is that together we are trying to prevent is a young person finding themselves in a vulnerable situation or sleeping rough on the streets.

Hosts are volunteers and are able to receive payment for the expenses incurred, which can be up to £12 per night.

Host duties

  • To provide a young person, aged between 16-25 years old, a safe overnight accommodation in a room of their own, along with an evening meal or breakfast the next morning, access to wash facilities and a friendly welcome.
  • To help a young person feel relaxed and comfortable in the household.
  • To make a young person aware of essential routines and “House Rules”
  • To act upon any relevant information and to inform Bristol Nightstop staff where appropriate
  • To attend an initial review and to receive ongoing support meetings every 3 months, appropriate training and an annual review.

What qualities make a good Host?

  • Warm and approachable
  • A passion for helping young people
  • An understanding of the issues faced by young people who are faced with homelessness (obtained through Bristol Nightstop training)
  • An understanding of the issues faced by young people in accessing suitable housing (obtained through Bristol Nightstop training)
  • Excellent communication skills including listening skills and an ability to make discussion topics understandable to the young person
  • The ability to set and maintain appropriate boundaries and house rules
  • The ability to treat information within the scheme and concerning the young  people using the service in adherence with our Confidentiality Policy
  • Ability to treat all young people with sensitivity and respect, whatever their backgrounds, opinions, cultural and ethical beliefs in adherence with our Equality Policy.
  • Adherence to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults policies and procedures

Hosts receive training on a range of topics relating to their role. Support is offered by the Project staff. All out-of-pocket expenses of up to £12 per night are reimbursed, and paid directly in to your bank account. There will be social events to recognise the important contribution that Hosts make and an opportunity to meet with other providers to share their experiences.


Find out more

Does this sound like you?.

Download our Host Information Pack for more information.

Find out more

Apply online

Interested in being a host for Bristol Nightstop? You can start the process by applying online. When we receive your completed form we will contact you to discuss your application. Please provide us with as much information as possible.

Please note that the title of the application form is being updated so don’t be put off. It’s the same form – just waiting for a new name!

When you have completed the application form please email us to confirm that you have completed the form. We just want to make sure that your application is not lost and all are systems are working perfectly!

If you want more information about being a Host with us you could look at the Host Information Pack updated 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make a real difference to young people in Bristol who need our help.

Thank you!

The Bristol Nightstop Team