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You don’t always feel like hosting.

The phone-call asking if you are free usually feels like it comes at a really awkward time.

It often is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day at work…..

And then you remember,

We have a home, a warm home, we have food in our cupboards, we […]

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Our Host Blog

Sometimes our Hosts support young people for more than one night.

It’s Satuday midday and Tim and I have just enjoyed a natter over a coffee. We’ve both agreed to get our heads down for the afternoon, college assignments in his case, chores in mine and then we’ve agreed to relax with a film this […]

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Hello Stranger #2 – Our Host blog

Be Prepared!

As a Nightstop host, you have to be prepared for your guest. A bed with fresh sheets, a towel, some toiletries… so far so obvious. I also lay out a tray with a juice carton, some crisps and a chocolate bar or biscuits. That way, I know that my guest has something to […]

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Hello Stranger #1 – Our Host Blog

Hello stranger!

I’ve been welcoming strangers into my house for over two years now. 22 young men and women have come through my door, some for only one night, others for several nights. Their circumstances have been as varied as their backgrounds. I usually host one or two nights a week. In this blog, I’ll […]

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Lottery Funding

Caring in Bristol is delighted to announce that today the charity has been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund to expand our Bristol Nightstop project which supports young people aged 16-25 who are at risk of homelessness or of sleeping rough in the city of Bristol. This means that we can now […]

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